Virtual Tourism in Germany: Herrenberg Diaries

Countries around the world are taking initiatives to revive their tourism. Germany is no different!! and as a part of the travel community we are vouching for #virtualtourism. As world gets back to its new normal, post-COVID world, things are about to change. Tourism is set to take yet another step into the virtual digital world.

Tourism is set to begin in Germany from June 16th when travel ban for adjacent European countries is said to be lifted. Meanwhile the German town of Herrenberg is replicating itself in Virtual Reality to let us visit it virtually. Virtual Tourism is said to be the next big thing in Travel & Tourism Industry. You would be actually able to visit Herrenberg through VR glasses. Can you believe it!!! The digital twin will allow you to visit the castles and cathedrals and timber-framed houses of this ancient town from the comfort of your home. Soak in the Virtual city and wait till German travel restrictions lift.

Picture Credits: The Next Web

"Emotions like joy and fear, the aesthetic experience of green space and architecture, and other emotion-driven factors play a major role in the success of urban design."

Get ready to put your VR glasses on !!! Travel enthusiasts around the globe are waiting to jump on to this new experience!! #virtualtourism #travelhaschanged

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