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Updated: May 29, 2020

Good news for tourism dependent Canaries and Balearic Islands as international travel might resume in some parts of Spain.

Tourism minister Reyes Maroto made proposal at the press conference that international travel might resume before 1st July 2020 in tourism dependent areas of Spain.The Spanish government have proposed that European union lift travel restriction in regions in EU that have controlled spread of #Covid.But the situation is subject to quarantine guidelines.

Travellers arriving in Spain from other countries must observe '14-day quarantine'. During the quarantine period, the people specified above must remain in their home or accommodation, leaving only for the following activities:
a) Obtaining food, pharmaceutical products and other basic necessities.
b) Going to medical centres and getting healthcare services.
c) Evacuation due to force majeure or other exceptional situations.
d)They will be required to wear face masks in all such movements.
e)These measures do not apply to cross-border workers, couriers and goods carriers, transport crews, and healthcare workers going to work, as long as they have not been in contact with diagnosed cases of COVID-19.
f)Travel agencies, tour operators and transport companies must inform travellers of these measures at the start of the process of selling tickets to destinations in Spanish territory.

Exemption from the restrictions include

Spanish citizens returning home
•People from a European Union or Schengen area country, or spouses or registered civil partners of European Union citizens, or their dependent ascendant relatives or descendants, and residents of the associated Schengen states or Andorra, who are going directly to their place of residence
• Freight transporters
• Flight crews
• Tourists returning home
• Medical or senior care professionals travelling for work
• Diplomatic personnel or persons accrediting force majeure
• Holders of visas issued in a European Union or Schengen country, travelling to their residence or to the country where the visa was issued.

To know more visit Spain's official tourism website.

To watch the V-Info , click here

Planning your post covid vacation, visit to know more!

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