Prague 's Dancing House | Tančící Dům

Remember the Hollywood film dancing duo, Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers of the 1930s??Could you imagine a 'Dancing House' on the streets of Prague!Yes you have to , an architectural masterpiece with unique presentation and even more curious historical evidence.

The Local Legend

Originally this significant landmark was known as 'Fred and Ginger' inspired by the Hollywood dancing couple with the same name.The architect duo Vlado Milunić and Frank O. Gehry had the original idea to create a library, theater, and café .During this time, Václav Havel, the last President of Czechoslovakia and first president of the Czech Republic wanted the place be turned into a place; a symbol of democracy , that represents the vibrant city life!The male part of the dancing couple is represented by a rock tower and the woman is symbolized by a tower made of glass. The top of the male tower is covered with imaginary hair.

To know more about the historical evidence visit Prague official website

The Design of the Year

Based on the concept of deconstructivism the restoration began in 1992 and was completed in 1996.The design and style was so much so appreciated that it was awarded as 'Design of the Year 1996' by the 'American Times Magazine'.

The Current Happenings

The Dancing House in Prague regularly holds exhibitions and even has a High end Restaurant. The following events occur in the house:

  • Fred and Ginger Restaurant

  • The GlassBar (rooftop)

  • Luxury Hotel for special weekends

Getting There

Located at Jiráskovo náměstí (Jirásek Square) in Prague is nearly 220 m from the nearest metro station.

By Metro/Subway:

The closest subway is Karlovo náměstí station. From there it is only 3 minutes (220 m) to Jiráskovo náměstí.

By Bus:

The nearest stop is Jiráskovo náměstí.

Interesting fact

  • The Dancing House shape was placed on the 2,000 Czech koruna coin that was issued by the national bank.

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