PostCovid Travel Blues:Plan Now ,Book later

Updated: May 19

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For all the travelers out there, siting at home amidst #lockdown and Covid19 giving tough time #Coronoblues.But question which arises is What a traveler can do?You can plan out you upcoming postcovid vacation and we can help you plan that perfect itinerary!To get started read further:

Fly out

Since everthing is dependent upon the health sector , when to allow the air travel.But a small tip for you is ,Fall and winter are the times for a super bargain, travel in November or early December (just before and after the holiday season). If you’re looking for a family get togethers, go book flight for for Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year’s.

Perfect Flight

Generally Connecting flights can be much bought at much lower prices as compared to non stop ones.But comparison has to be made priorly

Perfect time of the day

Over night travel or early morning can be pretty savers!

Stay there

For travel enthusiasts the solution is to stay on top of the news and follow your favourite airline on Social media for updates. You can also keep checking the airline’s website where any changes are published.Update your bucket list and Plan your itinerary,but how to plan?

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