Plan a Relaxing Itinerary,Not a Mind Staggering One!

Updated: May 19

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Have you ever felt even more Stress post returning from a Vacation???What we dont know is that de-stressing won’t happen magically just because you were out there on a trip.A relaxed mental state around the vacation while you are planning it is what is need of the hour because putting an extra pressure on yourself to de-stress creates additional stress, which is highly unproductive.

Here are listed few ways you can create a relaxing itinerary ,not an over the board stress;

Be Logical

Create a good balance sight seeing and relaxing.If you are travelling to multiple locale trip, try to plan in at least two or atleast three nights at one place.

Try to be allot ample amount of time to each attraction site. Don’t just dash around at lightening speed so that you can tick it down your destination list. The worse that can occur by allowing additional time one place is u might end up with some free time.

And with this free time you can see something completely out of the box that didn’t plan or just soak up the environent energy

All-Inclusive Vacation is the New Deal!

What makes travel more exhausting is moving from one site to another. Commuting from place by bus, subway, taxi, Uber, streetcar, or figuring out those methods of transportation in another country can be particularly cumbersome, especially with whole lot of heavy luggage.

Think about how amazing and relaxing it would feel after spending a week without struggling through any traffic and car honks!

Hippie 'FOMO' Hasstle

It feels a bit let down if you are racing with time, but giving in to FOMO will only ruin your vacation itinerary. Try to prioritise your vacation plans and make a list of the most important experiences you wish to tick off from your vacay list.Some places are particularly popular and you shouldn’t deprive yourself off their exhilaration experience.

Look for the offbeat, the hidden Places

We initially focus on the must-see attractions like museums, cathedrals, palaces, amusement parks to name a few. There are outdoor experiences that we cannot miss – a wildlife safari, a hot air balloon ride, snorkeling or trekking in the woods depending on your preference. While these have to be on your itinerary, seek out the alternative ,offbeat ,secret or hidden tours in a city.This makes your tour even more Vibrant!

Expert Help

Ask for an Expert advice. Ask them to look over your itinerary to see if it is do-able or if not, provide you with some advice.

But how do you find an expert? Well you can start by contacting Us. We will be happy to look over your itinerary and Plan it for you!

Join us on HappilyBrownn! We plan perfect Itinerary for all travellers!

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