New guidelines issued by Airport Authority of India: SOP Subject to change

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Airport Authority of india has issued new guidelines for air travel with some restrictions. Although Standard operation procedure (SOP) not finalized as yet and subject to change.Since the flights are resuming in India post 25th may 2020, various precautions are advised will be listing below:

  • Passengers have to report 2 hours priorly to the airport and only those who have their flight schedules for departure in next 4 hours will be allowed to enter the airport.

  • The air travel will resume in staged manner from Tier -1 Cities to Tier 3 cities.

  • Aryogya seth app is mandatory for all passengers traveling except children below 14 year old

  • For staff as well as passengers, only personal or restricted vehicle will be permitted and that too with restricted seating arrangement.

  • The deplaning of the passengers would be done in sequential batches to maintain the social distance norms

  • Baggage to be sanitized before loading it to conveyor belt

  • Only web checkin is allowed and only 1 checkin bag person is advised.Usage of trolly is discouraged

  • No inflight meals to be provided and usage of lavatory to be restricted

  • Social distancing norms with physical distance marking to be placed everywhere

  • No queuing at the toilets is allowed

To know more visit the Airport Authority of India .

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