Longyearbyen Archipelago:Highest point of Habitable Arctic 'Svalbard'!

Updated: May 19

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Located 800km north halfway between mainland Norway and the 'North Pole" is Svalbard !It is home to the northern most situated educational university and brewery al well.This most interesting thing about this place is its Visa free and amongst the few places in the world where anyone can live with year round settlement.And the good news in these #covidscenes is the reopenig of Svalbard to leisure travellers post 1st June 2020 as the advisory released by the Governor of Svalbrad!

What are the things you could enjoy in Svalbard??Read further to know more.

The Three Seasons of Svalbard

Polar Summer (Mid May to September)

The place is invaded by birds migrating here to there nest. Surrounding water aroung the archipelago is full of nutrients and can provide plenty of food. The exotic animals such as walruses, seals and whales are attracted in the cold waters by the ice edge. Summers are most preferable as you can experience far more variety of species than those which inhabit Svalbard. like polar bears,Svalbard rock ptarmigan and even Svalbard reindeers.

Northern light Winter (October to February)

The moon, the stars and the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) being the old light source aptly describes a cold and clear day (or night!) during early winter season.Twinkling stars above , lightyears away from us and during the full moon scenes , the landscape emerges beautifully from the dark! Most people look forward to the mythical Northern Lights as it is the only place on earth where dayside Northern Lights could be experienced,with differing colours and strength in the evening

Sunny Winters(March to Early May)

Commonly Referred as 'Pastel Winter” because of unique and beautiful light conditions, where the snow-clad mountainss merge with blue sky, and with the increasing presence of the sun casting brillant pastel shades over the landscape. It is like wake up call to natural daylight dismissing the darkness.

Things to do - Activities not to be missed

ATV Safari

The fun and thrilling activity is the sightseeing trip in summers in Svalbard!You have the chance to experience the in the world’s most unique place by driving a Can-Am Outlander ATV from Longyearbyen to the Advent Valley. A site worth watching the animal and bird life and, if lucky might spot Arctic foxes or reindeer. The mountain top view is to die for.

Horse Safari

Riding in Svalbard on beautiful tundra amongst Svalbard flowers in summer is what which brings you in close with the Arctic nature.The spectacular view of mountains, landscape and holiday cottages for the locals is like an escapism from everyday life in. Svalbard’s birdlife enhances its scenic beauty and peaceful excursion on a horse becomes must for visitng travel enthusiasts.

Boat rides

To experience the wild, raw and untouched Arctic nature you need to go on a boat trip or cruiseline with or without fishing trip.You might get the site of a walrus or a whale . The Russian settlements is also reached by boat, both in summer and winter.It is world’s northern most cruise to Pyramiden (ghost town).The things the cruise offers consist of large glacier, tundra wildlife and barbecue lunch . The Russian settlements of Barentsburg and Pyramiden can be visited on the same day by the boad expedition.

There are many other activites as well that you can experience .The know more visit the official website of Svalbard.

Places to visit

Svalbard is a gateway to the northern most habitable place and they are worth vising .They consist of:

Places to stay

There are fine hotels to stay in Longyearbyen and  comfortable guesthouses or in tents at the camping ground. The russian settlements of  Barentsburg and Pyramiden also have various hotels and hostels to stay.

Most of the hotels in Svalbard are located in the town center

The know more visit the official website of Svalbard.

How to reach Svalbard!

All guests travelling to and from Svalbard with a foreign citizenship MUST bring their passports or national ID-card.Since it is a visa free citizens of any country are welcomed to settle in Svalbard without a visa as long as they have a job and a place to live. For Norwegian citizens, Passports or national identity cards(driver's license ,credit cards or Ministry of Defence Identity Card.) will satisfy Schengen regulatory requirements for identity verification.Norwegian children can be identified by an adult accompanying the child . After national ID cards are introduced, Norwegians (including children) must identify themselves with a passport or national ID card.


There are two places from where you can reach Svalbard.

Norwegian airlines has 3 weekly flights to Longyearbyen throughout the year, directly from Oslo. In peak season, March – August, the number of flights increases.

Scandinavian Airlines have daily flights to Longyearbyen throughout the year, via Tromsø. In peak season, March – August, the number of flights increases to several flights per day, some of them directly from Oslo.

How to reach your hotel ?

There is an airport shuttle corresponding with all arrivals and departures. The airport shuttle stops at every hotel and guesthouse.

Read more about the rules and regulations for passport and visa here.

Opening Time in Svalbard

Check out the opening hours of cafés, restaurants, museums, galleries or shops.Interestingly, most shops and attractions are open also on Sundays!

The know more visit the official website of Svalbard

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