Planning to take a trip when the travel bans lift? –Japan is calling you!!!

Are you planning on taking a trip to Japan after travel bans are lifted. We bring exciting news for all you travel enthusiasts!!!!

Be sure to add Japan to your travel bucket list once international travel bans are lifted. In a very bold attempt to revive its economy Japan Government announced an $18.2 billion campaign to draw visitors to Japan. They hope to attract visitors by subsidizing half of their domestic travel expenses. The proposed plan could see travel vouchers doled out for up to a maximum of ¥20,000 per person, per stay. Yes you heard it right!!!

In the words of Vanessa Brown at the New Zealand Herald – “It's an announcement that sounds almost too good to be true.”

The state of emergency has lifted in Japan but travel bans continue for now. Travel bans were placed as a state of emergency was declared in Japan due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We will bring you more updates on Japan’s Coronavirus Travel Ban and “Go To campaign”, once we know more!!

But how exciting is this. I can already imagine myself in the spring next year at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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