Iran's 900 year old Mirror Mausoleum : Shah Cheragh Mosque | Shiraz

You guys must be familiar with the Snowhite's quote ' Mirror Mirror on the wall , who is the Prettiest one of the all!". Imagine an entire mosque adorning mirrors on its walls!Even Beyond our fascination ? Right?What if i say it truely exists in Iran? Its time to know about this mind blowing religious site in formal capital city of Shiraz , Iran. Lets find some ore interesting facts about 'Shah Cheragh Mosque'.

Local Legends

Originally known to be established in 12th century , this holy shrine has tombs of Amir Ahmad and Mir Muhammad, the sons of the 7th Imam, Musa al-Kadhim, and the brothers of the 8th, Imam Reza.

According to the legends, Many years ago a religious leader was travelling near Shiraz and saw a light coming from the ground.He went to investigate , and found that the light was coming from graveyard, he further digged and found the light source to be coming from a muslim figure.There was also a ring, with Persian inscription which meant “The Pride belongs to God, Ahmad son of Musa'.Later found it to be Ahmad's grave.And , thus the Name 'Shah Cheragh' meaning King of Light Originated"


" The first building of Shah Cheragh holy shrine antiquity dated back to Azdodole Deilami who was one of the Ale Boye kings and the new buildings repaired and linked to the main courtyard was established in Fars Atabakan, Shah Ismaeil Safavi and Nader Shah Afshar periods. Two main gates are in south and north of holy shrine decorated by 2 big tiled entrances and linked to the vast courtyard of the shrine. The Shah Cheragh holy shrine is located in the west of the courtyard and his brother's shrine is located in the northeastern of this place"

This shrine had been subject to many natural disasters hence the present structure dates from the 19th Century.

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'Mind Blowing' Interiors

Apart from the tombs, shrine captures the surreal mixture of mirrors glass pieces mixed with red, blue, yellow and green coloured tiles scattered the light of the chandeliers in all directions creating exploded sparkling ball of twinkling stars on pillars.

Getting there

Since its a Pilgrimage Site for Shia muslims, Non-Muslim guests are guided by English-speaking guide on arrival, and women are provided cloak. The shrines are also restricted for non-Muslims. There’s no cost for visiting the mosque

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