Indonesia's Majestic Masterpiece - Prambanan Temple

Destignated as the World heritage site by UNESCO ,Prambanan Temple is more than just an architectural masterpiece. The hindu temple's rich history and its grasping charm is what every travel enthusiast is looking for.

Local legends

Historical evidence says that temple was first built in 850 CE by the king from Sanjay dynasty , Rakai Pikatan, a king from Sanjaya Dynasty. It was extensively expanded by successive kings into the massive complex that we know now.

But has it's own history of abandonment. First it was abandoned around 10th century , according to local folklore it was due to eruption of volcano in the region

Next was left to remnants by 16th century due to massive earthquake.

The British in early 19th century beginning started to rediscover the remains and the process is still continuing.

Architectural Magic

Originally, the complex contained as many as 240 stone temples.Isn't it amazing! but sadly many had been scattered in remenents

The complex was divided into three zones.

The outer zone surrounded by a wall which has been reduced to ruins .

The middle zone has 224 small shrines grouped into four concentrics around the central compound. These shrines are called Candi Perwara. The central compound is where the main temples were built. The three biggest temples are dedicated to the Trimurti, or Hi du Gods: Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Keeper, and Shiva the Destroyer.Shiva’s temple is the biggest and located in the centre.

Tourist Attraction

The temple of Shiva, which is the biggest and magnificent has stone carvings of the Ramayana throughout its walls.

  • The temple of Shiva, which is the biggest and magnificent has stone carvings of the Ramayana throughout its walls

  • The temple of Vishnu holds the statue of the deity and carvings telling the story of lord Krisna, reincarnation of Vishu

  • The temple of Brahma houses a big statue of deity in the chamber.

  • Three smaller temples in front of the Shiva temple are dedicated to the three gods’ vehicles .Among the three vahana temples, only the statue of Shiva’s bull (nandi) remains sound


Two theatres have provided in the temple. During full moon evenings in the month from May to October, the Ramayana ballet is performed right here.

Being one of the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia , it is one the favorite places to visit by the travel bloggers as well. So next time you visit Indonesia do visit this magnificent masterpiece.

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