India's Hidden Gem-Sunder Nursery | New Delhi

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the to nearly 4500 trees with 54 varieties of flowers, 80 bird species and home to nearly 40 Butterfly species. It seems like mother nature has bestowed her blessing on to this Nursery. Set up initially in early 20th century, Sunder Nursery adorns the 16th century Grand Trunk Road .The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) of India , collaborated with Archaeological Survey of India and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and developed the 70 acre Sunder Nursery into a this high end National Park.Lets dig in some more!


According to the According to the Aga Khan Development Network,

"Sundar Nursery, earlier known as Azim Bagh (great garden) in Mughal times, was established in the 20th century to propagate plants for the New Delhi. It is located at the southern edge of Lutyens’ New Delhi, in the heart of the city of Delhi, and occupies an area of 25.66 Ha. Situated immediately to the north-west of Humayun’s Tomb World Heritage Site, and about half a kilometre east of the dargah of the renowned 13th century Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, Sundar Nursery too is a host to many Mughal period monuments. Spread over 70 acres, less than 10 percent of what is now Sundar Nursery was utilized as an active nursery at the onset of this Urban Renewal project"

Apart from the 70 acre of landscape restored, 9 Mughal era monuments and 4 specialised gardens were rehabilitated.

Local Legends

Many years ago , somewhere around 16th century , when the Mughal Era prevailed, Nursery was called Azim Bagh ( the final resting place of several sufi saints)

Later in early 20th century, Alick Percy Lancaster( Head of horticulture operations) of British India, lovingly nurtured and experimented with various species of trees and plants.

What not to miss?

Apart from the lush spread of nature , many noteworthy monuments are there:

Mughal Era Restored

  • The Sunder Burj

  • Sunderwala Mahal

  • Lakkarwala Burj

  • Mughal Garden Pavillion

  • Azimganj Serai

  • Lotus Pond

  • Arched Platform

Sunder Nursery Lake

  • Central Axis

  • Garden Amphitheater

  • Garden House

  • Sunken garden development near Lotus Pond

Noteworthy - MicroHabitat Zone to recreate the microcosm of Delhi's Cultural Heritage

Visit the official page of Sunder Nursery to know more!

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