• Gazal Malhotra

Are we ready to Live with COVID!

Updated: May 18

When will travel be safe again? The question has been haunting and taunting the travel community ever since the COVID-19 nightmare began. Europe was the first to feel the blow and it has been a traumatic journey ever since. There have been several reports where medical professionals have claimed that it might be a while before we could get back or if we will ever get back to where we were!! Work From Home has been trending ever since. Lockdowns have been imposed in almost every country around the globe. The question here is - Is staying at home really a solution? Are we ready to live with COVID? How will it change the face of travel? This pandemic will change us in ways we never imagined. Locking ourselves up is definitely not a solution!!

Immunity Passport" is the new necessity as described in a tweet by WHO. Travel which once involved donning a funky quirky customized passport cover and travel tags might as well be the things of past now!!! The 'Immunity Passport' is the new cool, the more stronger you are the more freedom u acquire. Designer mask is the new Black!! Matching gloves to go with them will be the new fashion statement. Physical distancing - the new norm and sanitizer - a necessary travel accessory. Ruck-sack manufacturers will probably add sanitizer holders in their designs. Spitters will be charged as murderers. Bows will replace hugs and 'Namaste!' will replace hand-shakes!!

I feel being Human means to hold on to the hope that "This too shall pass!!!" As we see it, the lockdown is getting us rejuvenated to travel with more enthusiasm. Evolve and come out of this pandemic as heroes!! Let us welcome the new world with an open mind and a few lifestyle changes!! Afterall we would still be apes if our ancestors refused to evolve!!

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