"Fries Museum" - oh Yeasss!!!

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Like What?!! Oh you heard it right!! Fries!!! and a museum dedicated to fries. Those Salty, Crisp, delicious devils have a museum dedicated to them!!

French fries!!! Don't let the French fool you. During the World War-I, American soldiers stationed in Belgium believed they were in France and were introduced to these little fried potatoes and absolutely fell in love with this local delight and started calling them french fries!!

Fries are actually traced back to Belgium and Belgium has a museum dedicated to them! Eden Van Belle along with his son opened the FrietMuseum, as they call it in Belgium in 2008. The museum is housed in Saaihalle which is one of the most attractive buildings in Bruges, Belgium.

The story of how fries were born goes something like this.... Fried fish was the main diet of people in Belgium around that time but when winters were harsh and there was no fish, they would cut their potatoes, resembling small fish and fried those!!!

Be sure to visit the only Fries museum on your next trip to Belgium.

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