Destination Marketing Organizations - Changing the face of Tourism Industry

Updated: May 18, 2020

When you're about to visit a place where do you start?

Like most people you will probably say - Let's just google it!

The world has turned digital and it has changed the way people interact with brands consequentially. Travel and Tourism industry is no exception. This is where DMOs come in play. They offer the most recent information about a destination’s attractions.

What is a Destination Marketing Organization?

They are organizations responsible for promoting tourism of a destination, promoting the public image of a place as an attraction for people who wish to visit or work there, simply put a visitors bureau or a tourist board. They strive to strengthen the economic position of a destination by advertising what they have to offer while preserving their culture and community traditions.

How are Destination Marketing Organizations funded?

DMOs can be public or privately run depending on how they are being funded. Public DMOs generally secure their funding is via hotel occupancy tax through local governments. Private DMOs usually secure funding through membership fees from local businesses, advertising revenue, marketplace revenue and other forms of public & private funding.

I feel in the coming years it will be even more important for destinations to go digital if they aren't there yet. Virtual Tourism is the next thing and is going to be a big market in coming years!!!

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