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A Sliver of Hope - Humanity wins over CoronaVirus In Montenegro

Updated: May 26, 2020

Montenegro becomes the first European country to win its battle against corona virus. Even though the international travel bans have not been lifted and Government is insisting on maintaining social distancing norms, it comes as a sliver of hope to humanity. Coronavirus Travel Ban is still up in the country but life seems to be slowly drifting back to what might be considered the new normal. Montenegro would open its borders to travellers from countries reporting no more than 25 cases of infection per 100,000 people – including Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Germany and Greece.

Cafes, restaurants, bars have been allowed to open with new social distancing norms. Employees need to compulsorily wear masks and there should be no more than four people at a table. Eateries need to maintain a 2m barrier between tables. It has been made essential that sanitizers and Hand disinfectants be placed at the entry and exit of the restaurant and no restaurant is allowed to let their customers have self-service or stand near the bar.

Similarly, Shopping malls and shops need to make sure that customers maintain a distance of at least 2m and provide a means for disinfection of hands of consumers both at the entry and exit to the shopping center and in each individual shop.

Bathing areas and beaches to follow the 2m distance rule of between a set of beach equipment, shower facilities on the beach must also install disinfectants. Even public transport norms have been set wherein cab drivers are required to wear protective masks and disinfect surfaces most often touched by passengers.

Good things come in small packages. This little package has arrived to give all you travel enthusiasts the hope that #togetherwefight #togetherwecan leave this nightmare behind us and patiently wait while coronavirus travel restrictions to ease. We urge you all to stay at home and promote #virtualtravel till we can all get back out.

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