'Chocolate Hill' Legacy of Philippines

Still Stunned! after reading about the 'Chocolate Hill'??Well , its a hill which ' Appears' like chocolate grown over a mountain, but sadly its not the actual delicacy which we really enjoy!

These vast collection hills spread over 50 square kilometers spread across smaller towns in Bohol, are usually covered with grass, but it tends to dry up during dry season resembling like 'Chocolate'.Lets see how Philippines continues its legacy !

The Local Legends

There are many stories behind its creation , but according to local legend there are two stories, first being, two giants fought ,damaging the earth until they got exhausted, fell as friends once more, into each other's arms.

The other rather interesting story being , young giant, Arogo, fell in love with a mortal woman, as the woman died, the giant must have wept, and turning his great teardrops into the Chocolate Hills.

Geological Evidence

The most acceptable theory given is that the hills were weathered marine limestone lying on top of an impenetrable clay base.

When to Visit

The Chocolate hills can be visited anytime of the year! The view atop is as spectacular during the rainy season as the dry one.

The best view of the hills is by viewing deck of the Hills Complex in Carmen, and at the Sagbayan Peak.

Getting There

The nearest place is Bohol by air via Manila

"By boat, access points are in Tagbilaran, Tubigon, Jagna, Ubay, Talibon, and Jetafe, connected to Cebu, Manila, Leyte, Mindanao, Siquijor, and Negros.

The most popular option is to get to Cebu city via the airport and from there to take a 90 minute ferry to Tagbilaran"

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