Champion Sector Service Scheme: A New Sigh of Relief of the Tourism Sector In India

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To boost the tourism in MISE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) India has issues the Champion Sector Service Scheme which might prove to be a boon in these difficult times.The benefits of the initiative might help enhance meetings, conferences and exhibitions in India.

As stated in the guidelines issued by the Ministry of tourism ,Government of india on 5th may 2020


(i) Boost MICE tourism in the country by encouraging the MICE operators to bring more Conferences / Meetings / Seminars etc. to India

(ii) Increase foreign tourist arrivals, employment and foreign exchange earnings for the country.

An application form for claiming the benefits of MICE Tourism under Champion Sector in Services Scheme (CSSS) has also been

issued by the government.

To know more click on the link

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