Paro Taktsang -The Ultimate Hike to Bhutan Odyssey | Tiger's Nest

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

For all the travel enthusiasts , one trek you definately need to scribble down to your bucket list is The Tiger's Nest.The breadthtaking view , the holy sared vibes and a lifetime experience should not be missed while visiting Bhutan!

The Taktsang monastery , an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists is situated at 3000 m above sea level and 900 m above the Paro Valley.

The local Legends

The name 'Taktshang' or Tiger's Lair - was derived by people who saw a tigress residing in one of the caves. In the eighth century Padmasambhava (founder of the Mahayana school of Buddhism) assumed the form of Guru Dorje Drolo to preserve Buddhist teachings

Legend says that the tigress was Yeshi Tshogyal (consort of Guru Rinpoche) who has transformed herself into the fearsome animal and carried the Guru From Singye Dzong to Taktsang where he delivered the sublime teachings to his disciples.

Reaching There

The trek starts about 12 km from Paro Village.The hike can be done either on foot as you are aiming to reach the Tigers Nest in 3 or 4 hours or a mule as takes about 2 hours one-way for the mule to reach up there (2/3 distance) .Half way up there are beautiful tea houses to recharge yourself and also to appreciate the breathtaking view.

Stuff to Carry
  • Water(lots of)

  • A backpack

  • Energy bars

  • A good quality camera

  • Essential medicines

Best time to Hike

The best time to hike is from March to May, with favorable weather. The next most congenial time to hike is in the fall from October to December as you might experience rain and snow, but experience fewer crowds.The opening times are

October – Dec: 8AM – 13.00PM, and 14.00 . 17.00PM.

March – May: 8AM – 13.00PM, and 14.00 . 18.00PM.

Reaching Up There

Upon entering Tiger’s Nest, you will witness some more steps (about 750!) colorful Buddhist, sacred ambiance. Temples are built around 9 sacred caves in side the monastry. The most sacred cave “Pel Phug Cave” where Guru meditated is sealed off and only opens once a year.You can bring bouquets of flowers, money, and other offerings to the shrine.The calmness and scerene atmosphere inside the monastry is what is worth it!


  • You will have to leave your backpack, camera, and phone to the security room. No photography inside the Monastery is allowed

  • Everyone except citizens of India, Bangladesh, and Maldives ,will need a guide to enter the Monastery.

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