7 Best restaurants to visit in Jalandhar :Millenials Food Paradise

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Punjabis are well know for their big appetite specially for food. Be it Indulging in into the traditinal likes of Chole-Bhature ,Naan or Butterchicken.With ever changing trends of millenials the food hogging has also changed , now the Healthy vegan salads and protein shakes being the new likes.But soul of punjab still lies in its desi ghee.Here is a list of eateries preferred by millenials in the city of jalandhar:


Being one of the best place to enjoy the gormet food is Chatter box.Working up to its motto of Eat.Chill.Unwind.If you are somebody who has likes of burmese Khao Suey,this is the perfect place for you.Also this place provides excellent choice for indulging to cocktails.Wink!

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Pirates of grill

The only 'Brazillian Churrasco Grill 'restaurant in town, provides fine dine for everyone that too at affordable price.Its buffet style serving; vibrant interiors, catchy ambience, comfortable seating, delectable food and stupenduoud service makes it a go to place for every Jalandharite!So every time u vist the place you can't leave without a big 'Burp'.

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Ampm restaurant

Northern Ireland inspired fine dining scene, AMPM features chic French decor fully justifies its bohemian style ambience. Its quirky venue prefectly correlates with the wholesome cuisine offered and intimate gatherings.Wanna have a taste of Ravoli??

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Are you an avid fan of Desi Chinese?Is thai curry one of your weakness??The funky retro decor makes Shaolin an ideal place to enjoy lunch, sun downers or an early dinner.In addition to the culinary delights the little treats like live Music is what everyone waits for.

Want to know more? Visit Shaolin


Regarded as Punjab's First Microbrewry.Be it the Fine Dine restaurant serving variety of delicacies or enjoying the terrazzo sky bar!You can have it all in your city.Cheers!

Want to know more? Visit Bremasters

Denuveo club

As there name suggests, this place will absolutely BLOWYOURMIND!!!!!The comfortable lounge seating, the rustic music , fine interiors with pumping music and the best food in your plate in Jalandhar.

Want to know more? Visit Denuveo Club


Every punjabi's heart goes out for the desi ghee clad punjabi food.Be it dal makhni or paneer tikka and if you have a sweet tooth, nothing can beat the Desi ghee jalebis.What better place to visit other tha haveli.With jalandhar branch being one of the older brances of the franchise, this totally vegetarian should never be missout from your list!Do try the chatti lassi !!

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