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7 Best Beaches in the Middle East

Updated: Jun 4

The Middle East’s wealth of cultural, historic, and religious sites has long captivated travelers, but the region is also home to dramatic natural beauty and sunbaked coasts. There are plenty of beautiful beaches in the Middle East and this post has all of the top ones.

1. Jebel Ali Beach, Dubai, UAE

Jebel Ali is about 30 minutes south of downtown Dubai and the emirate's newest recreational development area. Jebel Ali Beach is a lovely stretch of beach, 10 kilometres long. This is Dubai’s quietest beach and very popular among the kite surfers who wish to flee the crowds at Jumeirah and Kite Beach. The beach is also used by campers who prefer this peaceful stretch of coast to a hotel in hectic Dubai.Already known as an industrial zone with the world's largest man-made harbor, the area is home to many long, sandy beaches where you can find yourself virtually alone.

2. Kidrak Beach, Oludeniz, Turkey

Kidrak Beach is just 2 km south-east of Oludeniz and easily reached by road and boat. It has been more recently become known as 'Paradise Beach'. This beach is easily reached by car. Simply drive towards Faralya from Oludeniz, and in about 2km you will see this lovely beach. The beach has an entrance fee, but no sun beds or umbrellas so you would need to take your own. During the week the beach is almost deserted, but is a popular place for locals to spend their weekends having BBQ on the beach.

3. Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach, Paphos, Cyprus

Legend has it that Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Fertility, once rose from gurgling waters that surround Aphrodite’s rock. A truly spectacular sight just off the old road between Limassol and Paphos, crowds gather to ogle at the spot that has become the most famous and mythical on the island. The location, 26 kilometers southeast of Paphos and 45 kilometers west of Limassol, makes this an excellent stop-off point on the scenic coastal route between towns. Make sure you stay here for sunset, when this part of the coastline is truly romantic and magical.

4. Caesarea Beach, Israel

The Caesarea Aqueduct Beach is a truly unique beach. It’s about 50km north of Tel Aviv, just north of the Herodian port of Caesarea. Caesarea Beach has spotless white sand, aqua blue waters, and magnificent aqueduct structure along the beach that belong to the 1st century BC. With its stunning historical aqueduct framing its soft sand, this beach is as unique as it is beautiful. A welcome surprise is that the beach is relatively quiet for a historical beach site and hasn’t been particularly built up, save some simple wooden shade structures and a lifeguard stand. This adds to the natural beauty of the panorama, with the crumbling aqueduct framing the still beach and waves.

5. Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt

Sahl Hasheesh Beach is located in a gulf on the Red Sea just 15 minutes from Hurghada Airport. The sweeping bay of Sahl Hasheesh, 30 kilometers south of Hurghada, is a stunner. Mistakenly believed as a Sunken City dating back to the Pharaoh’s time, it has instead been man-made some years ago, and brought lots of curious snorkellers and divers to discover the underwater city. This resort town back in the 1990s, and is known for its beautiful stretch of coastline and long boardwalk. With 7.5 miles of sandy beaches, crystal waters and mountains behind, this is a stunning location for a beach holiday in Egypt.

6. Sealine beach, Qatar

A private beach rooted at the southern end of the Qatari peninsula, the Sealine Beach is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Sealine Beach is located just 30 minutes to the south of Doha, close to the town of Mesaieed and its Sealine Beach Resort. You can access the beach as a guest of the resort, which gives you access to the facilities including loungers, umbrellas, the pool, restaurants and other activities. There is a large section of the beach that is for the general public. There are no facilities here, but it is still a fabulous place to swim, play, sunbathe and enjoy all a beautiful beach has to offer. After a day of relaxing by the beach, rent a dune buggy and drive through the desert.

7. White Beach, Lebanon

As the name suggests, White Beach has a gorgeous white rocky coast. Located in Batroun, this local treasure is clean, relaxed, and doesn’t get overcrowded. Situated only 45 kilometers from Beirut, and 5 kilometers away from the sizzling nightlife of Batroun, White Beach has been welcoming visitors from around the world since 1988. The sparkling blue waters and clear white sand makes the White beach in Lebanon the most beautiful place to unwind by the seashore.

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