2000 year Old Grid City of Algeria | Timgad

A perfectly planned Modern Day Grid City , located about 35km east from the city of Batna , is the Ancient town of Timgad in Algeria.This UNESCO heritage site expressed the amalgam of Roman colonial township.Isn't it intriguing???

The local Legend

According to the popular belief , Timgad or Thamugadi (meaning 'the peaks') was actually Laid down by the Roman Emperor Trajan in around 100 AD.But by the turn of 3rd century, the city saw changes in it religious practices. At the end of the 5th century, the town was turned to ruins by Montagnards (people of the mountain) of the Aurès. After the end of 7th century, no settlement saw its dawn at the site. It was in the end of 18th century , the Scottish explorer, James Bruce drew his experiences and published it as a book ‘Travels to Discover the Source of The Nile’ about what he found in Timgad.

Why should it be on your bucket list?

Apart from the ancient old remains of Grid City , this magnificent site has much more to offer, which includes:

  • The Giant Museum which was earlier preserved only for Scientific purpose

  • The Great Bath of North

  • A 3,500-seat theatre

  • Tall Colonnades and Stalls

  • A Large Byzatine Citadel

  • A Library

  • A Basilica.

  • The Arch of Trajan

  • And a Temple dedicated to Jupiter

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