13 Reasons Why We Need A Vacation Post Covid!

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Although all of us are stuck in our home due to #lockdown because of #Covid19.

We all are scrolling through the old captured memories of our vacation that were created in #precovid era. Now our lifes have totally changed , as of for some group meetings have turned into Con-Calls and #WFH being the new norm. This new world scene might have toned down the travel spirit of travel enthusiasts but the happy news of reopening of our favorite holiday sites might have risen that happy spark. To make sure that your high spirits are not toned down , here I present 13 reasons why you should plan a vacation post covid:


From past few days we created a bubble in our lives, the con -calls , the baking trends and loneliness created in the process of coping up with lockdown had made us forget that there is so much more than this.Travelling can help us discover ourselves all over again by changing our mindset altogether by breaking that bubble

Fear of Intimidating World

We had all been there alone ,and travelling might pave a path to meet people out there with whom we haven't interacted .Not only will you get a chance to meet people but also get to know there experiences and the sense of freedom which is long forgotten

Comfort zone break is much needed!

Traveling alone #Postcovid can be a liberating experience. All alone in a new destination ,talking to different people, makeing you realize that to reach a somewhere you have to get out of your comfort zone.Might prove as a life changing experience.

Food Is love!

You will get the chance to try out all you much missed cuisines, ones you had been longing for.The craving that you are still getting and stomach growling by just imagining them.Bon appetit!

Stress reliever

Stepping out in new dwellings, resets your mind , body and soul resulting in relieving considerable stress .You don't have to follow the old boring routine .

To open that stuck mind

Different cultures subject you to better perspective, and explains the justification to the things that your culture doesn't budge to and if there are some things you needed to be changed

Eye Opener

Travel will make you more well-rounded Person. And that’s the ultimate goal in our lives. Street smartness is what's is the need of the hour

Much missed adventure

People have that excitement of adventure and travel may just be the best way to tap into it.Be it the bungee-Jumping ,speedboat rides ,heading out to watch animals grazing or just snorkeling under water!

Strengthen relationships

People give you a insight to others life out of your friend circle and might prove to be a game changer by adding new and refreshing perspectives and making fall in love with them even more.

Instagram ready

For all the missing action and the FOMO.You need to go out there to get you instagram reloaded with new pictures and lovely picturesque destinations

Skill Improvement

The attractions to see, itinerary, places to stay and transportation availability are the major concerns that need to be looked into before going to a new destination. No wonder, planning and organizing take up a lot of time even before the trip commences.

Free Education

Having tons of knowledge and vision is valued by world leaders. Being restricted to your own field can derail your career. You get the opportunity to learn about geography ethnicity,historical evidence , cultural growth when you travel.How the politics is affecting the economics of a particular country .


And last of all to carry with you that baggage full of happy memories with to cherish for longest time to come.Like we all are doing right now.

So Pack your bags and get ready to Wander.....

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