10 Things to Carry for Essentail Travel in 2020

Updated: Jun 4

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As we all are aware that the major airlines in the world are resuming there services for essential travel.Amidst the #Covid19 advisories had been issued not to travel unless its essential and #stayhomestaysafe being the trends of today. Many were stranded away from their hometown and essential travel will allow them to reach their destination.But taking up precaution is the need of the hour.Here is a list of 10 essentials for Travel in 2020 apart from Mask and Sanitizer are:

Power Banks and Plug Adaptors

Since we all know that social distancing is a practice which has become mandatory for essential travel.The electronic boards and sockets at airports and airplane are subject to access to many flyers which is quite alarming.Since we all are so dependent on our Laptops, tablets and smartphones , a personal power bank becomes a must.

Quick Dry Towel

Since protecting our own self is our own responsibility, apart from hand sanitizer we require a quick dry Towel during our travel.Usage of tissues from an out source might invite Covid since it is subject to everyone.

Reusable water bottle-Insulated one!

Drinking water from a public place has always proved to be harmful for our health.And in these times it becomes even more essential to carry reusable bottle.Not only will it keep water cold(hot) but also keep you safe

Fee - Free Travel card

In these time, especially if you are travelling international , fee free travel card or even a credit card becomes essential. Not only will it save you from money exchanging hassle but also help you avoid hefty ATM withdrawal. Being streetsmart is the new essential

Luggage covers

Since travelling might subject you to much talked about #covid , to avoid consequences, luggage cover is a must. Even it will protect your favourite carrying bag form fading out (Due to mass sanitization)


Apart from a mask ,what you need to carry is a Scarf or even a sarong.Not only will it help to cover your face as protective essential but also add a style statement to your look.

Toiletory carrier

Now it's the time to carry your oh-so-Funky toiletory bag with quirky colors. It will act as a savior for you in difficult times by caring the essentials such as Towel, sanitizer,toiletries, freshening well as to carry those 'non essentails' such as your favourite lipstick

Eye mask

It has become one of the essentials for travel.Due to long hours of working on laptop and smartphone can be tiring for your eyes.Not only will it provide calmness to your eyes but also prevent you from unknowingly touching your face, might act as gate way for virus to enter.


Another essential for travel ,mandatory during these times.You can dorn those gloves depending on your choice , could be the single us disposable ones or even those designer gloves kept there nicely somewhere in your closet.

Food essential

In these #CovidScenes since all of you must be familiar of the fact that carrying essential food is must.Its better to carry your own home prepared meals rather than risking yourself for outside food.

Although essentail travel has been opened up taking care of your health is in your hand


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